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Medical necessisty July 18, 2007

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Dr. Oakley’s office sent me a copy of the letter of medical necessisty that is to be sent to the insurance company. Yesteday I had a small taste of what dealing with an insurance company is like. I never would have thought that fax numbers and yes or no answers would be so difficult to get. They really do make it hard. But, the good news is that I found out that yes, the insurance does cover the surgery if I’ve met the criteria. I’m sure it’s not that easy and I’ll probably have to jump through a thousand hoops to get there. That’s ok. As long as the doors don’t completely slam shut. Persistence on things I want is not my weak point. I’m also very happy so far with the Dr office staff. Jennifer (office manager) has been very helpful and answered all my emails quickly. My appt with Dr. Oakley was more than I could have expected. He was kind, compassitionate, experienced, and took his time going over all the information and answered every question I asked. He even commented that I asked more questions than the typical patient. Well duh!!! I told him my husband tells me the same thing. Anyhow, I am very comfortable so far with everything this office has done for me. I think the sucess of the surgery really has a ton to do on your doctor. Of course once it is preformed properly and you’ve recovered, the rest is up to you. He told me that of the people who have this has failed for – it has been through their own noncompliance. The people who tend to have more complications (or die -as so many skeptics like to point out) are typically older men, VERY obese people, people who already have very serious medical issues, basically anyone who is very unhealthy to begin with. Not that being over 100 lbs overweight is not unhealthy, but I am still a fairly young, ‘healthy’ woman. The surgery for me is much less risky than the forementioned. Anyhow, I think some of the things I been through before have been as much if not more risky. I was so horribly sick with my gallbladder diesese, had 3 difficult births, kidney stones, diabetes, high blood pressure, high tryglicerides, the list goes on. I have come to the realization that this weight problem will never go away. As I age, the comorbidities will increase and become more severe. Yes, I can diet and excersise – still have to after the surgery. But I am seriously considering adding RNY as a tool in my fight. People say the surgery is too risky. I say that staying fat (or losing it and then gaining it back like before) is more risky.


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