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“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Theresa

Menu Monday September 1, 2008

Filed under: Food — lookingforward73 @ 9:50 pm

The second week I’ve done this and it worked well last week. I haven’t planned out meals for a long time. So it’s nice to know what’s for dinner every night. The trick is getting around to MAKING the dinner each night. So I took a look at what I have on hand and then I looked at my calendar to see what the week holds for us. For example – Thursday nights we go to our son’s football games, so I need something that’s already for us when we get home. Enter the crockpot! So, this is what is planned for this week. Keep in mind that while I’ve had gastric bypass, I still need to cook for my three kids and husband. I make as many meals as I can friendly for everyone, although I will alter mine to fit my needs.

Tonight – grilled new york steaks marinated in garlic marinade and corn and instant mashed potatoes. I’ll have a couple oz of steak and some corn.

Tuesday – busy afternoon/evening so it’s hot dogs with chili and fritos. Ok, at least they are 97% fat free hebrew nationals and wheat buns. I’ll probably have one of the dogs w/o bun and some fruit.

Wednesday – I found a recipe for a summer squash pizza crust – I’ll top it with traditional toppings (though I do have turkey pepperoni)

Thursday – Shelly’s beef and black bean crockpot stew. Haven’t tried this before, but if it’s from Shelly, then I’ll trust it to be yummy!

Friday – Baked chicken and zucchini

Saturday – Ginger glazed salmon – not sure on sides yet.


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